Duck Meat Speciation

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This kit is designed to specifically detect the Mallard/Peking Duck species which is relevant to the food industry.

This kit will also detect:

Anas platyrhynchos domestica, Anas chlorotis, Anas diazi, Anas fulvigula, Anas laysanensis, Anas luzonica, Anas melleri, Anas poecilorhyncha, Anas rubripes, Anas strepera, Anas superciliosa, Anas undulata, Anas wyvilliana, Anas zonorhyncha.

This kit will not detect:

Anas acuta, Anas aucklandica, Anas bahamensis, Anas bernieri, Anas capensis, Anas carolinensis, Anas castanea, Anas chathamica, Anas clypeata, Anas crecca , Anas cyanoptera, Anas discors, Anas erythrorhyncha, Anas flavirostris, Anas Formosa, Anas georgica, Anas gibberifrons, Anas gracilis, Anas hottentota, Anas luzonica, Anas melleri, Anas nesiotis, Anas platalea, Anas puna, Anas querquedula, Anas rhynchotis, Anas smithii, Anas sparsa, Anas versicolor, Anas zonorhyncha, Cairina moschata.

If you have a query about the detection status of a specific species or sub-species please enquire: [email protected]

Product Features

Product features

  • Exceptional value for money
  • Rapid detection of all clinically relevant subtypes
  • Positive copy number standard curve for quantification
  • Highly specific detection profile
  • High priming efficiency
  • Broad dynamic detection range (>6 logs)
  • Sensitive to < 100 copies of target
  • Accurate controls to confirm findings

genesig® kits are sold for research use only and are not licensed for diagnostic procedures.

Advanced Kit contents:

  • Species specific/Universal meat primer/probe mix
  • Species specific - FAM labelled, Universal meat - VIC labelled
  • Positive control template 
  • RNAse/DNAse free water 

Standard Kit contents:

  • Primer and probe mix (100 tests)
  • Positive control template
  • Internal extraction control - Read through VIC channel* (150 reactions)
  • Internal Extraction control DNA/RNA
  • RNAse/DNAse free water


*alternative fluorophores available on request

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