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Primer Design is proud to present our extensive range of close to 1,500 qPCR detection kits, including assays targeting human pathogen detection, veterinary diseases, food, water and agricultural analysis, species identification, biothreat detection, genotyping and many more.

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Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom

All of our kits have been designed by experts drawing on decades of experience in bioinformatics, and are continuously reviewed for their specificity in our global sequence surveillance programme.

Our cross-functional team of manufacturing scientists carefully optimise each kit to provide consistent and reliable product quality in tandem with leading performance.

A dedicated technical support team are also available to assist our customers on their individual journey to achieve results that make a real difference.

Wide range

The genesig™ product range by Primer Design has close to 1,500 qPCR detection kits and counting, and we continue to add more kits as our customer needs constantly evolve and grow.

The genesig™ portfolio is extensive, and includes kits that support the following customer sectors:

  • Human pathogen detection
  • Veterinary pathogen detection
  • Food, water and agricultural testing
  • Biothreat detection
  • Genotyping
  • Oncology target detection

Global reputation

Primer Design qPCR kits are trusted globally, and currently used by customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Open platform

The genesig™ range includes kits developed for open platform qPCR instruments, to give our customers the highest level of flexibility.

genesig™ qPCR detection kit formats

Within the genesig™ qPCR detection kit range are four convenient kit formats, which are optimised for specific user needs and technical experience. Our genesig™ Easy Kits are suitable for users of all experience levels and designed specifically for the genesig™q16 and q32 PCR instruments.

The Standard and Advanced Kits can be used with the genesig™ q32, and open platform qPCR cyclers. The genesig™PLEX range are specialised multiplex kits, allowing the detection of multiple targets in one reaction. The table on page 2 outlines the full contents of each kit format.

Complete control of your findings

  • Quantified positive control confirms experimental performance and allows for copy number determination of your target
  • Internal extraction control gives detailed insight into the efficiency of extraction and the sample quality
  • Endogenous control confirms the quantity and quality of biological material

Supplied lyophilised

  • No cold chain shipping
  • Fast delivery to anywhere in the world

Convenient kit formats

Pathogen Detection Easy Kit Standard Kit Advanced Kit genesigPLEX Kit Genesig Complete
qPCR platform compatibility genesig™ q16/q32

genesig® q16/q32 Open platform

genesig® q16/q32 Open platform

genesig® q32 Open platform

genesig® q16/q32 Open platform

Multiplex qPCR - - Single channel only Yes Single channel only
Target primer and probe mix Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Positive control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Negative control Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal extraction control (IEC) primer and probe mix Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Endogenous control primer and probe mix - - Yes Yes (CT/NG, CT/NG/UU, HIV1/HIV2/HBV/HCV, FluA-M1/FluB/RSV) Yes
Lyophilised Master Mix Yes - - Yes Yes
Reaction tubes Yes - - - -

Multi Target Analysis

genesig™ kits are ideal for multi target analysis;

Every genesig™ kit of the same format operates with a standardised protocol and uniform cycling conditions. This simplifies the application for the customer, as the protocol only needs to be learned once, but can be used to test for hundreds of different targets.

What’s more, because kits of the same format employ a consistent cycling protocol, multiple kits can be combined on the same plate on the same PCR run. This means a sample could be screened for up to 32 different pathogens at the same time.


genesigPLEX qPCR kits

genesig™PLEX Kits are unique multiplex qPCR assays that allow real-time PCR detection and differentiation of multiple preselected targets simultaneously in a single reaction tube. Individual primers and probes have been designed enabling the detection of several viruses or bacteria in a single reaction through separate fluorescent channels.

The genesig™PLEX qPCR kits also include either an endogenous control or internal extraction control to confirm extraction and sample quality.

These multiplex kits are available as panels for a variety of human infections including: STI, GI, respiratory, blood-borne, insect-borne, eyeinfection, joint-infection, transplant, meningitis, and healthcare associated; as well as for the veterinary infection of equine strangles and STDs.

The genesig™PLEX kits include oasig™ lyophilised qPCR Master Mix, our unique qPCR master mix optimised for multiplex applications, providing reliable quality and performance.

Master Mixes 

Our range of sensitive and accurate master mixes offer unique enzyme/buffer combinations that allow you to get the best from your testing.  Whether you are looking for inhibitor resistant or multiplexing capability, a reliable and cost-effective testing process or a quick one-step solution our mastermixes are developed to suit you and your testing requirements.

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