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Our accurate, robust compact and portable range of qPCR instruments to meet the needs of space limited laboratory testing and in-field testing



MyGo® qPCR Instruments

The MyGo Mini S qPCR instrument, is a compact real-time PCR instrument, ideal for use outside of the laboratory, or for when bench space is at a premium.

MyGo Pro and MyGo Pro ESR qPCR instruments are mulitplex real-time PCR instruments ideal for a wide variety of applications including life-science research, food speciation testing and viral determination and quantification.

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genesig® q16 and q32 Real-Time PCR Instruments

The genesig™ q16 and q32 are accurate, robust yet portable Real-Time qPCR instruments enabling 16 or 32 simultaneous reactions and are designed to work across many in-field applications and at point-of-need workflows.

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