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genesig q32 Real-Time PCR Instrument

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genesigTM q32 Real-Time PCR instrument

A fast qPCR instrument for all genesigTM kits
Expeditious heating and cooling makes the genesigTM q32 Real-Time PCR Instruments one of the fastest qPCR instruments on the market today. Being built with robust, high quality elements, our instrument provides a long-lasting solution for any customer, and is provided with a 2 year warranty as standard.

The genesigTM q32 instrument allows analysis of up to 32 reactions in either single-tube or strip tube format. Its powerful and easy to use genesigTM q32 software provides a quick start for all genesigTM kit applications. The software allows straightforward editing of sample and target information, and its automated data analysis calling provides easy interpretation of results.

genesigTM qPCR kit compatibility
The genesigTM q32 instrument has multi-channel detection capabilities, giving users access to a wide range of the genesigTM qPCR kit portfolio. Compatible with our genesigPLEX Multiplex Kits in addition to all Easy, Standard and Advanced Kit formats, the genesigTM q32 provides ultimate flexibility.

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