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genesig q16 Real-Time PCR Instrument

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genesigTM q16 Real-Time PCR instrument

Small and portable molecular testing platform

The genesigTM q16 Real-Time PCR Instrument is small and highly portable, providing on-site testing capability for any business and enabling faster turnaround times. The q16 is the optimal tool for making molecular testing accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Automated analysis

The genesigTM q16 makes real-time PCR easy for the first time. The genesigTM Easy Kit format is designed specifically for the q16 and simplifies everything during test set-up. The q16 software experience is fast and intuitive, and with completely automated data analysis and interpretation ideal for experts and novices alike with equally powerful results.

Ground-breaking technology

As well as being designed to look like part of any modern laboratory, the genesigTM q16 is technologically powerful. The instrument has no moving parts, providing robust and long-lasting reliability. Additionally, the q16 operates in silence and weighs less than 2kg, is compatible with Windows and Mac systems, and can also operate in stand alone mode via a USB drive connection!

A complete solution

The genesigTM q16 can be used with regular lab equipment and DNA extraction systems. But if you don’t have a lab, the genesigTM Easy Lab-in-a- Box and the genesigTM Easy DNA/RNA Extraction Kit will provide all that you need to complete your molecular testing set-up.

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