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The recent outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza in U.S. cattle herds, particularly the concerning clade, demands immediate attention. Primerdesign's validated qPCR kits offer a powerful solution for rapid and accurate detection of this highly pathogenic virus. Our assays provide comprehensive coverage, detecting over 95% of H5N1 sequences submitted to the GISAID EpiFlu Database in the last three years, including the strain currently impacting cattle.

Primer Design

Why Choose Primerdesign for H5N1 Detection?

  • Proven Accuracy: Our genesigĀ® kits deliver high sensitivity and specificity for reliable results.
  • Rapid Results: Get answers in as little as 90 minutes to enable swift decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Detect the specific H5N1 clade affecting cattle, as well as a wide range of other influenza strains.
  • Flexible Solutions: Choose from four kit formats to meet your throughput and workflow needs.
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Item Code and Kit Format R01063 Complete R00973 Advanced R01012 Standard R00974 Easy
Number of Reactions 150 150 150 50
Mastermix Yes - - Yes
Primer/Probe Primer Design Yes Primer Design
Positive Control Primer Design Yes Primer Design
Internal Extraction Control Yes Yes - Yes
Endogenous Control Yes Yes - Yes
Instrument Compatibility Open Platform genesigĀ® Q-series

Complete Influenza Assay Portfolio

Beyond H5N1, Primerdesign offers a comprehensive portfolio of qPCR assays for a wide range of influenza viruses, including:

Assay Intended Use Catalogue Number
FluA-M1 Global Flu A-detection of all FluA clades R01144
FluA-M2 Seasonal Influenza R00953
H1, H1N1 Human Flu A(Pre- and post-pandemic, Swine Flu) R01149, R01148
H3, H3N2, H3N8 Avian and Human Flu Z-Path-H3, Z-Path-H3N2, Z-Path-H3N8
H5, H5N1, H5N8 Avian Flu R01062, R01063, R00981
H6 Avian Flu Z-Path-H6
H7, H7N1, H7N9 Avian Flu R01061, R01151, Z-Path-H7N9
H9, H9N1 Avian Flu Z-Path-H9, R00978
H10N8 Avian Flu Z-Path-H10N8

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