Enterovirus species

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Nucleic acid testing (NAT) is the method of choice for detection and quantification of a wide range of micro organisms. Primerdesign manufactures and supplies high quality quantitative real-time PCR kits for the detection and simultaneous quantification of numerous significant pathogens . A copy number standard curve is provided for quantification and an the internal extraction template (DNA or RNA), controls for the quality of the nucleic acid extraction and eliminates false negative results.

The kit is designed with the broadest possible detection profile to ensure that all clinically relevant strains and subtypes are detected. Target sequences are selected by working with data from key opinion leaders in the field. Multiple sequence alignments and unprecedented real-time PCR expertise in design and validation ensure the best possible kit.

Details of the target and priming specificity are included in the individual handbooks above.

Packaged, optimised and ready to use. Expect Better Data.

Product Features

Product features

  • Exceptional value for money
  • Rapid detection of all clinically relevant subtypes
  • Positive copy number standard curve for quantification
  • Highly specific detection profile
  • High priming efficiency
  • Broad dynamic detection range (>6 logs)
  • Sensitive to < 100 copies of target
  • Accurate controls to confirm findings

genesig® kits are sold for research use only and are not licensed for diagnostic procedures.

Advanced kit contents:

Primer and probe mix (150 reactions)
Reverse Transcription, target specific primers (RNA genome viruses only)
Copy number standard curve (sufficient for multiple standard curves)
Internal extraction control - Read through VIC channel* (150 tests)
Endogenous control (150 tests)
RNAse/DNAse free water

*alternative fluorophores available on request

Standard kit contents:

Primer and probe mix (150 reactions)
Reverse Transcription, target specific primers (RNA genome viruses only)
Copy number standard curve (sufficient for multiple standard curves)
RNAse/DNAse free water

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Extracellular Vesicles Released by Enterovirus-Infected EndoC-βH1 Cells Mediate Non-Lytic Viral Spread

by Eitan Netanyah Matteo Calafatti Jeanette Arvastsson Eduardo Cabrera-Rode Corrado M. Cilio and Luis Sarmiento


Inhibition of enterovirus 71 infections and viral IRES activity by Fructus gardeniae and geniposide

Author links open overlay panelYing-Ju Lin a b c, Chien-Chen Lai d, Chih-Ho Lai e, Shih-Che Sue f, Cheng-Wen Lin g h, Chien-Hui Hung i, Ting-Hsu Lin a, Wei-Yi Hsu a, Shao-Mei Huang a, Yi-Lin Hung f, Ni Tien g h, Xiang Liu c, Chao-Ling Chen j, Fuu-Jen Tsai a b


Standard assay kits were purchased from PrimerDesign, UK, and used for detecting enterovirus, mumps, measles, adenovirus, EBV, CMV, VZV, hhv 6, and rubella viruses.


The Prevalence of Viruses in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Children with Aseptic Meningitis in Shiraz, Iran


Anahita Sanaei Dashti1 , Masoomeh Khalifeh2 , 3 , Elham Yousefifar1 , Mohammad Rahim Kadivar1 , Marzieh Jamalidoust1 , Mandana Namayandeh1 , Babak Abdinia4 , *

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