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genesig® Easy Norovirus Workflow for Oysters

Introducing the genesig® Easy_oys Norovirus detection workflow, developed as a risk management tool to address the current lack of rapid, user friendly and onsite virus monitoring systems to ensure shellfish quality

Primerdesign offers a full workflow to detect pathogens on-site, enabling you to identify norovirus infection in under 4 hours.

Complete Workflow Solution

The genesig® Easy_oys detection kit for Norovirus GI and GII in combination with the exisgMag extraction kit and the genesig q16 instrument allows the quantitative analysis of norovirus in oyster tissue.

Developed in collaboration with oyster farmers and Shellfish Association of Great Britain.

Step 1. Sample Preparation
Primer Design

Heat for 1 Hour at 55°C
with Shaking

Step 2. Lysis
Primer Design

Heat for 3 Minutes at 55°C
with Shaking to Lyse

Step 3. Binding and Wash
Primer Design

Use Magnet to Bind Beads and Wash

Step 4. Elution
Primer Design

Heat for 5 Minutes at 60°C
to Elute RNA

Step 5. qPCR
Primer Design

Add Sample to Reaction Mix
and Run on q16

Step 6. Data Analysis
Primer Design
The genesig® Easy_oys detection workflow
genesig® q16 Real Time PCR instrument
genesig® Easy_oys Norovirus qPCR kit
exsigMag extraction kit (including ProK+ sample prep buffer)
Field Starter kit: Mini centrifuge, Vortex, Heat block, Pipettes x 3 (10μl, 200μl and 1000μl), Tubes and tube racks

The Field Starter kit contains necessary additional equipment needed to perform the genesig® Easy_oys workflow for the detection of Norovirus, allowing on site testing by anyone in any location.

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Primer Design

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