What Our Customers Say

Comments from our customers

"Primerdesign promptly provided a competitive price for more than 50 assays. Each matched our own criteria being absolutely specific using BLAST and Biosearch analysis, showing absence of known SNPs in the primer annealing region, absence of amplicon secondary structures, and detection of all known splice variants. All primers were experimentally tested …. We were very pleased with this excellent and effective service."

Dr Joëlle Vermeulen, Center for Medical Genetics, University of Ghent, Belgium

"...I have never done PCR but needed this done urgently for a paper. Primerdesign was just fantastic in helping me through everything from providing the necessary kits but most importantly all the technical help to guide me through it."
Anonymous posting

"Our laboratory is based in an Australian non-profit research organisation. We have been using Primerdesign Human SYBRgreen gene detection kits for our expression studies. We found that the service at Primerdesign is excellent for:

  • Its prompt customer service and communication.
  • Its simple ordering system.
  • All the primers work well at first go, there is no optimisation required. They produce nice, clean and reliable results.
  • And turn around time (< 3 weeks).

We are very pleased with the products. Because of the time saving in real time primer designing and optimisation, we highly recommend Primerdesign for high volume expression studies."
Neurogenetics Lab at the Women's and Children's Hospital North Adelaide, Australia 

"An idiots guide to PCR, Primerdesign kits are so easy to use with simple and clear instructions and a help line with very competent people advising on all the problems one would encounter. Research would be such a fascinating experience if only we have companies which offer such in depth technical advice on the products they sell! Hats off to Primerdesign..."
Dr P.Vijayanand. University of Southampton, UK

"... the products and service provided by Primerdesign are of a high standard and are very competitively priced. However, it is the continuing excellence of the support team at Primerdesign which has allowed me to perform my real-time PCR without delays or problems..."
Dr J Brown. University of Wolverhampton, UK

“We tested the Primerdesign kit with both nasal and throat sample and both worked right away. In comparison with the National “gold standard” kit based on the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) primers the Primerdesign kit has significantly outperformed the kit."
Dr J.G. Kustentral Laboratoers, Cry for Bacteriology, The Netherlands