Free Starter Pack of Master Mix with Every Custom Assay Ordered by the 31st of August 2017.

We are giving away a FREE starter pack of PrecisionPLUS Master Mix (1.6ml) for every custom assay ordered. Simply quote the code FREESTARTER17 on your order. Terms and conditions apply *.

Guaranteed high quality data from our real-time PCR assays for genes from any species.

  • Assays available for every gene
  • Every assay professionally designed by an expert
  • Scientifically validated in our laboratory - guaranteed results
  • Primer sequences supplied for publication
  • Compliant with the MIQE Guidelines

Our core expertise is in the design of the very best real-time PCR assays. Every assay is individually designed to your requirements by an expert member of our team. After synthesis it is then fully validated in our laboratory on relevant biologically derived cDNA to ensure that the kit works to the highest standards.

We will also supply the primer sequences with every custom designed assay to ensure that you are in complete scientific control of your experiment.

*Simply request a quote using the quote button above and place your order by the 31st of August 2017. Code FREESTARTER17 must be used on your order to qualify for the free starter pack. Orders must include a custom assay and a maximum of three starter packs can be received per order. Offer valid for UK and Ireland ONLY.

Please state the name of the qPCR machine that you are currently using and let us know if you require SYBRgreen.