Try our new speciality Precision qPCR Master Mixes for free, and receive a 50% discount on your first order

In house performance tests show our new speciality Precision qPCR Master Mixes provide market leading performance vs. other equivalent commercially available master mixes. To allow you to try for yourself, we are very happy to provide free samples of our new qPCR master mixes, and to offer a 50% discount on your first master mix order. 

Simply request a free sample, and quote the code MASTERMIX50 on your first speciality master mix order. Offer expires 30th November 2017. Terms and conditions apply*.

NEW! PrecisionULTRA qPCR Master Mix

PrecisionULTRA qPCR Master Mix has supreme sensitivity at the limit of detection and is optimised for applications such as ccfDNA qPCR analysis. This 2x Master Mix contains a unique formulation to increase the sensitivity of your testing and is optimised for low copy number samples. Also available as a OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix.

NEW! PrecisionMULTIPLEX qPCR Master Mix

PrecisionMULTIPLEX qPCR Master Mix is ideal when you have many different tests to run, or if you have a limited number of machines. This 2x Master Mix contains a unique formulation to maximise the processing capacity, enabling detection of up to 4 targets simultaneously. Also available as a OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix.

NEW! PrecisionCONTROL qPCR Master Mix

PrecisionCONTROL qPCR Master Mix enables a streamlined workflow for high quality qPCR results by incorporating process controls that are a critical feature of qPCR experiments. In its premixed form this 2x Master Mix detects the Primerdesign internal control template without the need of a separate assay.

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*Terms and conditions. Simply request a free sample (if required), and quote promotion code MASTERMIX50 when you place your first order of either PrecisionULTRA qPCR Master Mix, PrecisionULTRA OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix, PrecisionMULTIPLEX qPCR Master Mix, PrecisionMULTIPLEX OneStep RT-qPCR Master Mix, or PrecisionCONTROL qPCR Master Mix to qualify for a 50% discount on up to 3 speciality master mix kits of 10ml volume. Discount will apply to qualifying orders received no later than 30th November 2017, or until promotional supplies are depleted, whichever comes first. Cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions. All orders are subject to normal shipping and VAT costs where applicable. Promotion void where prohibited by local or institute policy. Offer valid for customers in UK and Ireland only.