Precision qPCR Endogenous Control

To confirm the extraction of valid biological template

Unique product features

  • Perfect endogenous control primer/probe mix
  • For use with all sample material suited for qPCR 
  • Available for many animal and plant species, including: human, mouse, cow, sheep, grape, wheat, and many others
Available for direct shipping to United Kingdom

When performing a qPCR assay, it is advantageous to confirm the extraction of a valid biological template to allow accurate data analysis. The Primerdesign Precision qPCR endogenous control kit, contains a primer and probe mix designed to detect an endogenous gene in your species of interest. 

It is known that qPCR assays can be inhibited by substances found in sample types such as clinical, food, and environmental; and by carryover of the reagents used in the isolation of nucleic acid. Other false negatives can occur from target nucleic acid degradation, or sample processing errors. The Precision qPCR Endogenous Control Kit allows you to confirm all steps of your qPCR assay are working satisfactorily, from the extraction to the result.

Kit contents: Precision qPCR endogenous control primer/probe mix (150 reactions), RNase/DNase free water.

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Precision qPCR Endogenous Control

Catalogue no: Chicken: EC-G.gallus; Cow: EC-B.taurus; Human: EC-Human; Mouse: EC-M.musculus

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