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Primerdesign Ltd Announces Best Reverse Transcription Kit To Date

Hampshire, May 2014:  Primerdesign Ltd is proud to announce that its ‘nanoScript 2’ kit will follow the hugely successful model of its sister product ‘PrecisionPLUS’. Primerdesign can now offer nanoScript 2 at a guaranteed 20% saving compared to other retailers.

Reverse Transcriptase is a core component of any Real-Time PCR laboratory. Made from a modified MMLV enzyme, this reagent stably and accurately converts single stranded RNA into the more robust, double stranded DNA.

Dr Jim Wicks, Managing Director stated: “At Primerdesign we aim to promote qPCR technology across many sectors, not just research. By using an efficiently designed enzyme we can help keep costs down without compromising on quality and make qPCR even more accessible to other industries.”

Primerdesign is a successful spin-out from the University of Southampton. They specialise in the supply of assays, kits and reagents for use in real-time PCR. 


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About Primerdesign Ltd

Primerdesign is a privately held limited company focused on the design, manufacture, validation and supply of dreal-time PCR kits and reagents.  The company was founded in 2005 within Southampton University's School of Medicine and has since gone from strength to strength. They supply kits to thousands of customers in over 100 countries around the world and enjoy a fantastic reputation in their field. Primerdesign now consists of a substantial team of friendly experts, all dedicated to giving their customers a fantastic, quality experience whilst personally thriving in a highly professional and enjoyable environment.

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