Frequently Asked Questions


Can you supply primers for my gene of interest?

Yes!  We can design primers for any gene, in any species. There are far too many to list online, so simply tell us the name of your species and the gene and our expert team will do the rest.

How should I store product?

Storage conditions for all products are displayed on the product label.  If you have any doubts give us a call on  +44 (0)2380 748830 or send us an email

Do I need any special equipment to use the product?

Yes.  Our kits all require access to a real-time PCR machine and a basic laboratory set-up.  If you are new to this field and would like some help and advice we can help with that.  Give us a call on +44 (0)2380 748830 or send us an email

Ordering and shipping

How do I place an order?

To place an order by telephone, email or fax all we need is the following information:

  • Shipping address/contact details
  • Invoice address/contact details
  • Your VAT status (EU only)
  • A means of payment (PO number or credit card)

to place the order by email,

to place the order by Telephone +44 (0)2380 748830

to place the order by Fax +44 (0)8708 362 155

to place the order online simply browse and use the shopping facility on this site

How do I pay?

Payments may be made by Purchase Order (PO) number, direct bank transfer or by credit card.  If you have any doubts give us a call  +44 (0)2380 748830 or send us an email

When will my order arrive?

Custom Gene Of Interest Real-Time PCR Assays should take 3-4 weeks per kit for design and development.

OnDemand Kits should take 4-6 weeks per kit for design and development.

Reagents and genesig kits already in our catalogue are usually in stock and have an estimated dispatch of <2 days.

If you'd like to know the progress of your order just give us a call  +44 (0)2380 748830 or send us an email

Do you charge for shipping?

We work hard to keep shipping costs to a minimum. Kits are all sent by courier to ensure rapid delivery. Cost varies according to your location. If you are using the online shopping facility this will be calculated for you automatically. Otherwise please contact us for detailed pricing.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes! We sell our products across the globe. You can order from us directly and we will ship to you. Or if it's easier, we have distributors in numerous territories. Just ask.