Other Species Reference Gene Assays

High quality real-time PCR assays for reference (house-keeping) genes

It is important to use the correct reference genes in your experiment. To select the best gene use a geNorm kit. If you know which genes you wish to use please select your species of interest below.

Unique product features

  • Professional design approach 
  • Scientifically validated- guaranteed results
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Available for immediate delivery. Provided you have good quality cDNA, you are guaranteed to get great data without any further optimisation with our reference (house-keeping) gene assays.

It is crucial to choose appropriate control genes for your particular experiment. This is quick and easy with a geNorm kit

Assays are available with Double-Dye (Taqman style) probe or as primer only kits for use with SYBRgreen chemistry

Packaged, optimised and ready to use. Expect Better Data.

Please contact us to enquire. We have reference (housekeeping) gene assays in stock for numerous unusual species including:

Arabidopsis, Cow, sheep, Pig, c.elegans, Xenopus, Zebra fish, Red fire ant, Cucumber, Tobacco and many many more

If we do not have what you require in stock we can produce any assay as a custom designed kit.

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