CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System

CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System

The CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System has been designed to eliminate the manual pipetting process required in the PROmate® COVID-19 assay workflows. It is ideal for use in busy NHS laboratories and for private healthcare providers performing COVID-19 testing. The CO-Prep system is perfect for users who want to automate or deskill their COVID workflows.


CO-Prep is helping our customers maximise their time whilst improving patient safety through automation.


Reducing sample handling steps and associated manual errors, increasing efficiency with longer walkaway time & improving accuracy with automated pipetting – all before  an already best in class Direct PCR workflow.


Our PROmate COVID-19 assays are a total workflow solution inclusive of sample preparation, qPCR amplification and analysis on the genesig q16 and q32 qPCR instruments. These direct to PCR assays require one pipetting step to transfer 5 µl of sample into the 0.1 ml PCR tube, ready for amplification.


Using the CO-Prep to automate this one pipetting step will improve pipetting accuracy and reproducibility and reduce the risk of contamination. Automating the pipetting process also delivers walkaway time which can be used to complete other tasks within the laboratory.



  • Removal of repetitive pipetting process
  • Reduces risk of contamination
  • Improves accuracy of pipetting
  • Easy to track patient samples from swab to result on the qPCR machine
  • Frees up operator time to do other tasks
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CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System

CO-Prep Automated Liquid Handling System

Catalogue no: M00050

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