PROmate COVID-19 (1 Gene) and PROmate COVID-19 2G (2 Gene)

Our PROmate® COVID-19 assays are a total workflow solution, inclusive of sample preparation, qPCR amplification and analysis on the genesig® q16/q32 instruments; specifically for the qualitative detection of nucleic acid from SARS-CoV-2 from anterior nasal and throat* specimens prepared on dry swabs.

  • Simple one pipetting step protocol speeds up the process of samples and limits chances of mistakes
  • Prefilled reagents: limit contamination and simplify process limit contamination and simplify process
  • From swab to completed qPCR and result as quick as within 80mins
  • Protocol that enables use without the need for a CAT2 lab
*Throat specimens sample for PROmate® COVID-19 (1gene) only
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PROmate COVID-19 2G (2 gene)

PROmate COVID-19 2G (2 gene)

Catalogue no: D00074

Complete near patient workflow for detection of COVID-19 q32 reagent pack

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