Custom Gene Of Interest Real-Time PCR Assays

Guaranteed high quality custom assays expertly designed and developed on request

Product features:

  • Top quality assays with guaranteed results
  • Designed by ‘in-house’ bioinformatical experts, not databases
  • Scientifically validated in our laboratory
  • An assay for almost any application
  • Improved genotyping discrimination
Available for direct shipping to United Kingdom

We offer specific real-time PCR assay development including primer/probe design, PCR mix optimization and assay development to ensure a very effective real-time PCR reaction. We have already developed 1,000s of assays as requested from 100+ countries. This service allows for the combination of bioinformatic design and development, in conjunction with laboratory testing and evaluation, to provide personally designed assays to match your exact needs and ensure high levels of sensitivity and specificity.

Our core expertise is in the design of the very best real-time PCR assays. Every assay is individually designed to your requirements by an expert member of our team. After synthesis it is then fully validated in our laboratory on relevant biologically derived gDNA/cDNA or synthetic target to ensure that the kit works to the highest standards.

What real-time PCR assay development do we offer? …. Answer is, almost anything, the main groupings are listed below:

  • Primer-only: This is typically the most basic form of design and can be used for standard as well as real-time PCR. As the name suggests, it is just a forward and reverse primer, which allows for dye-based chemistry such as SYBR®green.

  • Double Dye: This expands on primer-only assays with an inclusion of a double dye probe in the form of TaqMan® probe. This is the most classical cleavage probe technology.

  • Genotyping and SNP-Typing: Discrimination between genotypes is typically difficult and this is something we specialise in. Our unique in-house technology in combination with expert designers allows for a highly effective assay.

  • Miscellaneous: Anything else! Anything that doesn’t match the assay types above. We have expertise in so many niche and specialized real-time PCR technologies, so please get in touch and we’ll do our best to meet your requirements.

Upon request of development, one of our expert team members will be in contact shortly to completely understand any specific requirements you may have (incl. exclusivity criteria, etc), and they are happy to talk you through the whole process.

If you are interested in Custom Gene Of Interest real-time PCR assays being developed, please check out the purchasing tab or alternatively contact us via email: or telephone: +44 (0)2380 748 830.

Our standard assay formats include Double-Dye cleavage probe (e.g. TaqMan® probes) or as primer-only kits for use with SYBR green chemistry. If you require something more alternative or sophisticated, please do not hesitate to get in contact to enquire about its feasibility.

Kit Contents:

  • Primer Only: Primer set, RNase/DNase free water, primer datasheet
  • Double-Dye: Primer and probe set, RNase/DNase free water, primer datasheet
  • Genotyping and SNP-Typing: Primer and probe set, wild-type positive control, mutant positive control, template preparation buffer, RNase/DNase free water, primer datasheet

Ours kits will be supplied packaged, optimized and ready to use. If you are looking for pre-dispensed plates or qPCR arrays please contact us.


Price on application - following the process outline below will help us provide you the best price.

Catalogue no.

The catalogue no. will depend upon the method of real-time PCR you require. These include Primer-only (SYBR®green), Primer & Probe (Double-Dye), Genotyping, and Miscellaneous (anything else).

Design and Development catalogue nos:

  • Primer-only (150 reaction): SY-CustomGOI-Dev
  • Primer & Probe (150 reaction): DD-CustomGOI-Dev
  • Genotyping and SNP-Typing (50 reaction): GT-CustomGOI-Dev
  • Miscellaneous: Misc-CustomGOI-Dev

Typically, the Gene Of Interest design and development exclusivity will only include ‘within the species of interest’. However, if you require a more extensive exclusivity search, then please state this on your Design Request Form. The catalogue no. associated with this is:

  • CustomGOI-CrossReac

Do you require an inventory assay? Has the assay already been designed by us for you? Then please state this catalogue no. and the specific target you’re interested in:

  • Primer-only (150 reaction): SY-CustomGOI-Inv
  • Primer & Probe (150 reaction): DD-CustomGOI-Inv
  • Genotyping and SNP-Typing (50 reaction): GT-CustomGOI-Inv
  • Miscellaneous (reactions upon request): Misc-CustomGOI-Inv

Process Outline

In order for us to completely understand your needs and requirements, please could you follow the process below.

  • Download the Design Request Form found in the resources tab, or alternatively this can be emailed on request
  • This will help us understand the specific design requirements and specifications
  • Attach the form and email us on
  • Following receipt of the completed design form, our expert Research & Development team will review the request and we aim to respond within 1 working day
  • We may ask for more information
  • The service timelines, costings and development process details will be supplied

N.B. If you do not understand the Design Request Form or process, please feel free to get in contact via email: or telephone on (+44) 0 2380 748 830.

What do you get at the end of a Custom Gene Of Interest assay development?

  1. Validated, optimized and effective real-time PCR kit (reaction amount defined in purchasing tab)
  2. Product datasheet (incl. anchor nucleotide)
  3. Handbook

How long does development take?
It should take 3-4 weeks per kit for design and development.

Can you order recurrent kits of the same design?
Absolutely, at significant cost reduction and dispatched with days.

What info do you need to design my primers?
Typically a gene name, species, and the NCBI accession number is required.

Can you make me these primers from this paper?
We don’t use primers that have been designed by other parties. We can look at the suitability of the primers in the paper and we may even take a queue from the paper as to the gene-region to target but we will always end up designing different, better primers rather than lifting them straight from the literature.

I’m working on an unusual species. Can you still help?
Yes. If you are working on an unusual species then we will check that good quality sequence data is available. If not we may be able to work from sequence data from a closely related species. Once synthesized, we can then validate on cDNA sent in by you, or if that is not possible then we will work on a synthetic version of the amplicon to validate the performance of the primers.

I’m working on a virus/bacteria/pathogen species. Can you design primers for these?
Yes. We have over 600 genesig pathogen detection kits already available. If your pathogen of interest is not in the list we can develop a new kit for you from scratch. You can check for your target here.

Can you provide primers for sequencing/standard PCR/microarray?
No, unfortunately not. We concentrate on the one thing that we are best in the World at: Real-Time PCR.

Will these primers work on my machine?
Yes. The primers are designed to be open platform and will work perfectly on any real-time PCR machine.

How efficient is the priming of your custom Gene Of Interest primers?
We guarantee an efficiency of greater than 90%. All of our assays are suitable for use with the delta Ct method, and there should be no need for mathematical corrections for poor priming efficiency.

Are your primers intron spanning?
Not always: As standard we will design the very best possible primers for the target of interest regardless of intron/exon boundaries. We do not design primers to be intron spanning as standard as this is restrictive and the most efficient location for the primers may not be on an exon-exon junction. However, if you require your assays to span an intron please let us know and we will design primers to accommodate your request. If detection of gDNA is a concern we recommend the use of Precision DNase to remove contaminating gDNA from your RNA.

Are your primers guaranteed to be specific?
Yes. Thorough analysis is carried out during the design phase to ensure specificity to the target. But the gold standard test is carried out in our wet laboratory where we prove specific amplification of a single product on biologically derived cDNA or synthetic template.

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